Joella Peck

jewelry. original. handmade.
Brushed Silver
& Brass Collection
These charms are brushed sterling silver with a brass eyelet
and oxidized for a more rustic effect.  They look good on the
new oxidized chain or charm bracelet.  Something a little
different that still expresses what is close to your heart.
SM TAG: Sorority charms (3 ltrs)
sterling $28
MD TAG: Date charms
choose style (4 ltrs)
sterling $30
LG TAG: Choose quote or create
your own(10 ltrs/3 lines)
sterling $35
*love a little every day
*live the life you love
*peace, love, mom
*to thine own self be true
MESSAGE BAR: Choose quote or
create your own (12 ltrs/2 lines)
sterling $30
*I must create.
*wonder mom
* mother of #, mom of #
*celebrate life
*I love you more
16", 18", 20" available
choice (12 ltrs)
sterling $30
SM DISC: Initial only!
sterling $25
MD DISC:  your
choice (9 ltrs)
sterling $28
LG DISC:  your choice (11
sterling $30
Proud Mama Charm:  choose
style and number
sterling $30
MESSAGE bracelet:  choose quote or
sterling $60

*today tomorrow forever
*no better than this
*freedom lies in being bold
*follow the yellow brick road
*I am my beloveds & he is mine
Charm bracelet (charms separate)
sterling $30
Cable necklace chain (as
seen in pix above)
16" or 18"-- $20
20" --  $20
Copyright 2008,  All rights reserved.